Monday, 29 August 2011

the brief

After many sleepless nights (I literally lie awake at night making plans in my head) we now have a fixed idea of what we want in this house.

  • An open plan living area which includes the kitchen, dining and living area. This space should take advantage of the light and view.
  • A courtyard ( I am obsessed with the idea of having an inner courtyard; a outside living area full of plants and comfortable seating) I like the idea of discovering it as you move through the space.
  • 4 bedrooms - including a room for each daughter and a master bedroom with connecting toilet.
  • A family bathroom          
  • A studio
We still have quite a way to go until we get to the stage of drawing up plans (although I have already started). We have yet to sell our apartment and find an architect!

1 comment:

Cally said...

Sounds wonderful. Most of my ideal house plans (and there have been many) have had a central courtyard but I think you need a warm climate like yours, and the light that goes with that, for it to really fulfil it's potential.