Tuesday, 16 August 2011

the beginning

For quite a few years we have been looking to move. Nine years ago we moved to the suburbs from Tel Aviv, a city we loved living in but decided with our first child on the way, that we should move to a smaller "child-friendly" place. This small city grew and grew and didnt have the appeal of the "cool" city life or the small, country village. So we started searching for somewhere where there was less building work and cleaner air. Somewhere where we could have our own little patch on this earth. We would like to have space for the girls to be more free and grow some fruit and vegetables. We (I) would like my own studio to work in!!

About 18 months ago we heard of a small village which stands about 400m above sea level. We liked the feel of the place. They were going to be extending by adding another 110 plots for building on. We decided to go for it! Us, build our own house?! It has been a dream for years.

After much paper work (and a lot still to come), two weeks ago we chose our plot...number 11!!

Our Plot

The view
I am starting this blog to document and explore ideas while we build our home!


Cally said...

Thrilled that you will document the journey. Best of luck.

gracia said...

What a view! What a truly glorious view.

I echo Cally, best of luck.