Friday, 6 January 2012

how to build?

I havent written here for quite a while.. not for the lack of activity, in fact, the opposite is true. We have been busy looking at different building methods. I havent mentioned yet but we are really, really in to the idea of building an eco home. 

We started looking at steel framed houses - which claim to be ecological. This method is very common in the US but here, in Israel, it is less common and even frowned upon. Many people here like what they know - a wall made of blocks. Maybe it is thought of as more secure or maybe its a case of not wanting to change what has been done for years; probably a case of the two.

In terms of cost, it is more or less the same as conventional building but it supposedly takes half the time (around 6 months). The thermal values are very good as well as the acoustics. It is a very clean way of building, the cost of the build is known from the start and this doesnt change. People here do not like the plaster walls and prefer something more solid. 

We were told yesterday that the new blocks had much better thermal values than the old ones, with or without extra insulation. Our budget for this build is quite modest but we are trying to make it good quality. It is all a little overwhelming.

 our plot is in the middle of this row

Yesterday we visited the site and found they had advanced so much since we were last there. The tractors busy at work helped calm the nerves.

We are still waiting to sell our apartment and nothing can actually begin until it has been sold. But we want to use this time wisely and prepare everything that needs to be done.

More soon...